What We Do

Looking for live construction projects happening in the UK? Let Robinson Thirsk do the work for you...

Robinson Thirsk has live project spotters on the road five days a week, searching out the construction projects happening in key cities in the South particularly London and its outskirts. These projects are then recorded and entered onto this system, ready for your sales team to follow up.

Robinson Thirsk


Projects spotted are projects that are actually happening, not in planning, or awaiting client funding or the like, these are construction sites actually being worked on.

Robinson Thirsk

Your very own 'eyes'

This exclusive system gives you unique access to know exactly what’s going on in London and the like, saving the need to employ additional staff. Letting us do the work for you, free up time for your sales reps and telesales teams.

Robinson Thirsk


Robinson Thirsk has found the live projects already, we just need to give you access to our records!

Robinson Thirsk


We record leads that do not appear on any lead generation platforms, typically we find over 50% of our construction sites do not appear on any of these platforms.

Robinson Thirsk

Specify your spotting locations

If there is a specific area that you have worked in before and know their is similar projects that are currently happening, tell us and we can go and search these out for you! We want to develop a working relationship with you that is mutually beneficial.